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The Exhibition shows some amazing wildlife paintings and 3D artworks, from established NWAG members including Christopher Bacon, Carol Cresswell, Vivienne Rainsbury, Justso James Ridington, Ruth Straughan, Frances Sullivan and Sally Wibrew, as well as new exhibitors/members Lorraine Auton, Carol Bonsor, Martin Gibbons (Wildlife Artist of the Year finalist), Shirley Hayes, Alan Lavender, Marianne Nightingale, John Palmer, Donna Peek, Helen Rawlings, Angela May Smith (WAY finalist), Hannah Walton and Brie Wharf

Look out for the life-size cheetah (by Vivienne Rainsbury) and vulture (Marianne Nightingale), exquisite and detailed works by Angela May Smith, hyper-real pastels by Shirley Hayes, and Christopher Bacon's watercolours and grapite drawings, from Justso James Ridington and John Palmer's impressive and vibrant acrylics to Sally Wibrew's chainsaw carvings, Brie Wharf's delicate wire sculptures, stained glass by Ruth Straughan and Donna Peek's hand-painted duck egg in a case.

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